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Are you confused about what to eat? Confused by Fad diets?  

Healthy eating need not complicated.

Learn the 3 ground rules to healthy eating with Nutrition Mastery - Nutrition Basics. 

Here's a sneak peek into the full programme. Watch the video!

Here's everything you will get from

Nutrition Mastery - Nutrition Basics.

  • Seven (7) modules on the basics of healthy eating. The science and practical advices to healthier meals, even if you don't cook!

  • Learn the science and ways to put them into practice for healthier meals. Don't worry if you need a refresher because you'll have unlimited access to all content on this programme. 

  • The 7-Day Anti-inflammatory Diet Programme.  

  • A full webinar dedicated to helping you transition from your current eating lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle in 7 days. Putting into practice everything that you've learnt from the 7 nutrition basic modules. 

  • 7-Day Anti-inflammatory Diet Booklet.

  • This downloadable booklet comes with the programme and it's yours when you sign up for this programme. 

All for $37 ONLY. 

What if you can get everything on Nutrition Basics for FREE! $0.

Yes, you can! When you sign up for the Nutrition Mastery Optimal Immune programme.

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Everything you need to know about the

Nutrition Mastery for Optimal Immune.

  •  Everything in Nutrition Mastery - Nutrition Basics, PLUS...

  •  Unlimited access to 5 webinars on immune dysfunction and ways to balance your immune system naturally.

    • (i) The role of the immune system and how the immune system dysfunctions. 

      (ii) The 6 common causes of immune dysfunction - immune overactivity or underactivity.

      (iii) Symptoms of an overactive immune system.

      (iv) Symptoms of an underactive immune system.

      (v) How to balance your immune system naturally.

  •  The Elimination Diet Challenge.

  • A protocol to help you identify hidden food allergens that may be contributing to your immune dysfunction, usually an immune overactivity like an autoimmune condition, chronic inflammation, allergies and asthma. 

  •  Nutritional Protocol for an optimal immune system.

  • A step-by-step, 3-month protocol to help you rebalance your immune system. Works for both immune overactivity and underactivity. The nutritional protocol includes the list of recommended supplements for immune overactivity and underactivity.

  •  Four (4) health checklists

  • You'll receive 4 professional health checklists used by nutrition and functional medicine health professionals. Use these checklists to determine your current liver and intestinal health, and for progress monitoring as you go through the Nutritional Protocol OR any other protocol for liver and intestinal health.

    (ii) 1 comprehensive Liver Health Checklist

    (iii) 3 Intestinal Health Checklist for Upper intestinal tract (stomach and pancreas), small intestine and large intestine. 

All for just $97

Everything in Nutrition Mastery - Nutrition Basics is included in Nutrition Mastery for Optimal Immune

We want you to have the basics in nutrition and healthy eating. Wellness is a lifelong journey. Having the right knowledge is crucial in maintaining lifelong health and wellness. 

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